Żórawina Surroundings

Category: Bike trip Distance: 26.3 km Duration: 2:00 h Difficulty: łatwy
This short trip around Żórawina municipality is an offer of the easy cycling tour even for families with children. It runs along asphaltic roads without intensive traffic. There is also a short section of a field road. The monumental lines of the Ślęża mountain appear and become distinct over the gentle landscapes of Równina Wrocławska covered with fields and cut into strips of roadsides. During the tour we also cross twice her namesake river - Ślęża which is shallow here and is barely visible in the landscape of the valley. Although the route is short there are lots of interesting places in it. First of all it is worth visiting the original museum of carriages in the palace in Galowice as well as the highly valued Gothic and Mannerist church of St. Trinity in Żórawina. Along the way you can see other churches, courtyards, farm buildings as well as the original memorabilia from past centuries i.e. the medieval penitential crosses.