Tower on Gromnik hill

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  • Address: 57-130 Romanów

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday closed
Friday 13:00-19:00
Saturday - Sunday 12:00-19:00
The tower with an observation deck was built on Mt. Gromnik in 2012 on the spot where an inn and observation tower were demolished in 1945. Initially, in the 15th century, Hans and Optitz Czirn, who were robbers, built their stronghold on the top of the hill. They would attack caravans on their way from Bohemia to Wrocław. They would also organize plundering escapades as far as to the suburbs of Brzeg or the Otmuchów bishop's castle. The castle was repeatedly demolished and rebuilt. The final demolition took place in 1482 upon the order of Fryderyk, the duke of Brzeg and Legnica.

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