Children's Home



  • Address: 1 Maja 43, 55-080 Kąty Wrocławskie
The building was erected to host an orphanage, founded by the German Association of Combatants in 1892, for Catholic children from the eastern federal states of Germany. Originally, there were three buildings that could accommodate 60 children aged 7-12. The honorary patron of the orphanage was the Empress Augusta Victoria. After World War I, the facility accepted not just orphans, but also children from large, single-parent, or poor families. A Catholic school operated here as well, but was closed after Hitler came to power. The facility lost its Catholic character and began to educate children in the spirit of National Socialism. At the time, the pool and gym were built. At the end of WWII and shortly afterwards, the facility operated as a hospital. Since 1953, it has been a Children's Home again.

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