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The bakery and pastry shop "Bąkowski" Sobótka

Rynek 10, Sobótka

The bakery and pastry shop "Bąkowski" is a family company with a long tradition and experience. The bread at the store in Sobotka comes from the bakery in Rogow Sobócki, where it is made from natural...

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Sycamore maple

Księginice Wielkie

The tree grows in a group of other historic trees by the buildings of the KHZZ. farm. It has over 250 cm in trunk circumference.


Sulistrowice, Sulistrowice

  Sulistrowice - the place of the Triathlon organization for Januszów and Grażyna 

Strzelin's Granite Quarry


The granite mine in Strzelin is the biggest quarry in Europe. The working is 650m long and up to 120m deep. It is continuously extracted, therefore entering is not only utterly dangerous, but also...

Strzelin Cultural Center

ul. Mickiewicza 2, Strzelin
+48 71 3921543

The Strzelin Cultural Center is a place where many interesting cultural events take place. Among the wide variety of attractions offered by the Center, one should mention the cyclical All-Poland...

Stone in Częstocice


Penitential cross near St Barbara's church.