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Woodworking – Norbert Ferster Śmiałowice

Śmiałowice, Śmiałowice
+48 537 099 863

Here in Śmiałowice lives Norbert Ferster, an artist specializing in woodworking.

Wooden warriors Niemcza


The wooden sculptures on the market square depict early medieval warriors. They were created by a local self-taught sculptor. They are a reminder of the events of 1017 AD, when the inhabitants of...

Watercolors of Władysław Dzielnicki Sobótka

ul. Chopina 29, Sobótka
+48 71 390 33 28.

Władyslaw Dzielnicki is a local painter using a variety of techniques, but his most prized works are watercolors depicting the landscapes of the Ślęża region. The artist has also provided tuition...

Water tower

ul. ks. Jerzego Popiełuszki, Kąty Wrocławskie

The water tower is 30 m high. It was built in 1934 but was closed around 1960. In the past, it housed a pumping station and a water treatment plant. The tower is made of red bricks, and is supported...

Water sport and recreation center in Borzygniew

ul. Sportowa 4, Borzygniew

The resort is located on the lake Zalew Mietkowski. Thanks to its location near the Massif of Ślęża, the area has excellent wind conditions, which, combined with its large surface, makes it an ideal...

Water park

ul. gen. Leopolda Okulickiego 10, Strzelin
+48 71 7902630

The Aquapark offers not only its sports swimming pool but also a recreational one, saunas, massage parlours and hydromassages. The Park's visitors are invited to the "Aqua Bar," the pool tables, or...

Villa, seat of District Office

ul. Kolejowa 6, Żórawina

The villa, which formerly housed a communal cooperative, today is the home of the local District Office.

Vegass Wesela

Wrocławska 50A, Jordanów Śląski
888 995 955

Vantage point on Mt. Wieżyca


The vantage point on the top of Wieżyca (415 m) was built between 1905 and 1907. It is one of the 240 'Bismarck towers'. It is a massive structure with a height of 15 m, composed of fine-grained...

Urząd Pocztowy Kąty Wrocławskie Filia Mietków

ul. Kolejowa 27, Mietków
71/364 66 02