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0:00 63.2 km

The route of castles and palaces Gromnik LAG - the Northern loop

A vast number of castles and palaces in the area testifies to the historical wealth of the lands. Today most of them are turned into ruins which remind us of the former greatness of the  Lower...

5:00 37.7 km

The landscapes of Mietkowski lake and Ślęża Massif

The differentiated line for all bikers is the ideal proposition for a day-long trip for less experienced and fast training for already trained bikers. In most cases the flat asphaltic roads give...

0:00 346 km
0:00 36.2 km
6:00 48.1 km

Searching for the pearls of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism – Gromnik LAG

On the territory of the Gromnik LAG near Strzelin Hills and north of Strzelin you can find a great number of palaces, courtyards and churches of exceptional architecture revealing the mastery of...

2:30 54.2 km

Scenic Gromnik Trail (loop)

The route loops around the hills Wzgórza Strzelińskie. During the trip, you will have the opportunity to admire the panorama created by ancient volcanoes surrounding the area of Żelowice. In the...

7:00 55.6 km

Riches of the Earth

Strzelin is the second, after Strzegom, Polish stone-working center. This is why it is the starting point of the very interesting route linking closed and still active granite, basalt and limestone...

3:30 27.5 km

Please Your Senses: Flavors - LGD Gromnik

This approx. 26 km long route links the places where local delicacies are produced in the LAG Gromnik area. It is a section of the larger trail which focuses manufacturers of local products from...

4:00 32.9 km

Please Your Senses: Tradition and Culture - LGD Gromnik

The purpose of this short trail (approx. 30 km) is to present the works of local artisans. The route, leading through the area of LAG Gromnik, is a section of a common route connecting local artists...

4:00 69.5 km

Picturesque Ruins Trail

The trail connects interesting ruins of former palaces and castles. These romantic and abandoned sites, whose monumental forms remind us of the passage of time, are the highlights of the route, which...