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"Ambrozja" Zbigniew Dudek

ul. Kolejowa 19a, Strzelin
+48 71 3922192, +48 889718874

A wedding venue where one may also organize other family celebrations, birthdays or funeral receptions. "Ambrozja" also provides catering. Lunch dishes are served from noon to 6 p.m. What is more,...

"Agrar Magnice – Szparaga"

ul. św. Józefa 15, Magnice
+48 71 3119969

The asparagus from Magnice has become a local specialty. During the season, you can purchase the vegetable in-house or at markets and fairs featuring regional cuisine, such as the Wrocław culinary...

"Adrenaline Park"

+48 501241213, +48 504251317

The "Adrenalina Park" is an adventure theme park for both children and adults, located on 12 acres of picturesque grounds. Here you can find, among other attractions, a ropes course, a shooting...

Town tower in Niemcza

Bolesława Chrobrego 3, Niemcza

    The Town Tower in Niemcza is a fragment that used to form a whole with the town's Upper Gate, which no longer exists. The tower was once a room where the town guards of the time had...

Sweet Atelier gingerbread

ul.Sobócka 7, Maniów Wielki, Maniów Wielki

Slezanski Cultural Center (Regional Slavic Cultural Center) in Sobotka

ul.Fr.Chopina 25, Sobótka
71 715 16 25

  Ślężanski Cultural Center (Regional Center for Slavic Culture) in Sobótka - a public institution whose task is to promote culture and reading in a dimension accessible to everyone. A...

city ​​stadium in Niemcza

Henryka Sienkiewicza, Niemcza

Chives farm Szczypiorki

Tuszyn 51, Tuszyn
662 976 123

  Gospodarstwo Rolne Chrząpiorki operates Agricultural Retail (RHD), we offer customers products coming directly from our farm. We produce, among others, milk products, meat preparations...