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The Waterloo Museum in Krobielowice

Krobielowice 21, Krobielowice
+48 71 3166114

The palace was built in the 16th century on the site of a 14th-c. defensive structure. In the years 1699-1704 it was reconstructed and given its present form. The Waterloo Museum, located in the...

The stables of the Equestrian Society "Horyzont” Sobótka Górka

ul. Świdnicka 50, Sobótka Górka
+48 603 040 145, +48 663 469 710

The stables of the Equestrian Society "Horyzont" lies at the foot of Mt. Ślęża, among 300-year-old oak trees. On one side there is a mountain stream flowing down the mountain slope. The society...

The St. John Hospital Chapel in Strzelin


The chapel was built in ca. 1350. Destroyed in 1945, it was rebuilt in the late 1970s and 1980s. The hospital itself worked in Strzelin already before 1346. The chapel, which was established to...

The square in Sobótka

Rynek, Sobótka

  The name of Sobótka derives from the tradition of holding Saturday fairs here. The market character of the settlement is evidenced by an ellipse-like shape of the market - the...

The Sports, Recreation and Educational Center in Dobrocin


The Sports, Recreation and Educational Center in Dobrocin is equipped with a soccer field with benches for fans and booths for substitutes, and a building which serves as a facility backup.

The sculpture of an archer


The sculpture of the archer ready to shoot refers to the name of the city, or perhaps it commemorates the heroic archers defending the city against attacks in the Middle Ages. The monument was...

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The route of penitential crosses - Ślężanie LAG

The line is a part of a bigger route that connects penitential crosses located in the territory of Gromnik LAG , Ślężanie LAG and Lider LAG. It creates a picturesque loop round...

The route of churches and chapels – Ślężanie LAG

A variety of sanctuary objects located in the territory of Ślężanie LAG causes the area to be xtraordinarily attractive for travelers who like to visit churches and chapels. The objects of mixed...

The route of churches and chapels – Lider LAG

The proposed tour is aimed to show the richness of the sacred objects in Wrocław municipalities such as Kobierzyce, Kąty Wrocławskie, Żórawina and Siechnice. There is an opportunity to visit...