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“Elipsa” Riding Club


The facility offers horse rides in the round pen and the field.

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Żórawina Surroundings

This short trip around Żórawina municipality is an offer of the easy cycling tour even for families with children. It runs along asphaltic roads without intensive traffic. There is also a short...

Ziołowa teahouse

ul.św.Jakuba 26 , Sobótka
536 743 666

  A unique place in the center of Sobótka, a large selection of delicious teas, a handicraft and gift shop, a meeting place and cultural events. Cozy place and great atmosphere.

Zdzisław Koczwara"s Agritourism

al. Lipowa 28, Szczawin
+48 71 3921736, +48 604168670

Zdzisław Koczwara's agritourism

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Woodworking – Norbert Ferster Śmiałowice

Śmiałowice, Śmiałowice
+48 537 099 863

Here in Śmiałowice lives Norbert Ferster, an artist specializing in woodworking.

Wooden warriors Niemcza


The wooden sculptures on the market square depict early medieval warriors. They were created by a local self-taught sculptor. They are a reminder of the events of 1017 AD, when the inhabitants of...

Wojsławice Arboretum

Wojsławice 2, Niemcza
+48 71 322 59 57

The Wojsławice Arboretum has since 1988 served as a branch of the Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław. The garden covers an area of 62 ha, including a historic park and a orchard with old...

wine below Sleza

Mirosławicka 20, Michałowice
507 479 365

    We bottle our wine when we are sure that the time has come. Behind all of them are two people and their passion - Jadzia and Peter. Four years ago we bought our first hectare of...

Wiezyca restaurant brewery

ul.Armii Krajowej 13, Sobótka

WIEŻYCA restaurant brewery, brews lager beer and a series of special, occasional beers. Brewers are invited to brewery.