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Penitential crosses built in the church wall in Rogów Sobócki

Rogów Sobócki

The three stone crosses are embedded in the outer side of the wall at St. John's church. The objects are made of granite, with dimensions of 170x76 cm, 81x59 cm per 150x78 cm. The crosses come...

Manor house „Dwór na Wodzie” Będkowice


The Renaissance manor house was built in 1546 by Nickel von Gellhorn. Over the centuries, it was rebuilt and renovated several times, including at the beginning of the 18th century. and in 1844. The...

Castle in Gola Dzierżoniowska

Gola Dzierżoniowska 21, Gola Dzierżoniowska
+48 88 55 44 100

The monumental castle was built in 1580 in the Renaissance style, on the stone embankment by Leonard von Rohnau. It was built on a square plan around an inner courtyard, in the middle of which now...

Pizzeria „La Strada” Sobótka

Rynek 2, Sobótka
+48 71 390 33 17

The pizzeria offers several types of pizza and other popular Italian dishes.

Mirosławice Airport

ul. Lotnicza 14, Mirosławice
+48 71 390 91 40

The main attraction of the Mirosławice airport, which is at the disposal of the Aero Club of Lower Silesia, are scenic flights over the Massif of Ślęża or the lake Zalew Mietkowski. The Aero Club...

Sports hall Sobótka

ul. Świdnicka 20a, Sobótka
+48 71 316 23 46

The sports and entertainment hall in the Municipal School in Sobotka includes the main pitch, seats for 300 viewers, locker rooms, gym, judo hall rooms, and a wellness area with sauna and massage...

Stadium in Sobótka

Al. św. Anny 12, Sobótka
+48 71 31 62 355

The stadium in Sobótka is located on the outskirts of the town. It includes a fourpath running track with the length of 400 m, a gym and athletics facilities (a long jum pit, a high jump, a pole...

Penitential cross

ul.Polna, Sobótka

The Maltese style stone cross comes from the 14th or 15th centuryand is made of granite. It stands at the crossroads to Garncarsko, Górka and Sobótka. It is a penitential cross, also known as a cross...

Penitential cross

ul.Centralna, Stary Zamek

Standing by the road near the church, the penitential cross is carved in stone. It comes from the 14th or 15th century and was placed here by a convicted murderer at the scene oh the crime.

The stables of the Equestrian Society "Horyzont” Sobótka Górka

ul. Świdnicka 50, Sobótka Górka
+48 603 040 145, +48 663 469 710

The stables of the Equestrian Society "Horyzont" lies at the foot of Mt. Ślęża, among 300-year-old oak trees. On one side there is a mountain stream flowing down the mountain slope. The society...