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Restaurant Fantazja

ul. Dzierżoniowska 16D/1, Strzelin
71 7960502, 695990759

Chapel in Strzeblów

ul.Torowa, Sobótka

Chapel dated 1593, reconstructed with stone bricks in 1933-1934, square shaped, approx. 5 m height.

Abandoned serpentinite quarry in Przemiłów

ul.Sosnowa, Przemiłów

The abandoned serpentinite Quarry revealing this interesting rock can be found in the middle of the village. Serpentinite was the earliest material used by man. Various tools, weapons and...

Jegłowa quarry


In the eastern part of the Strzelinski Hills, between the places of Strzelin and Ziebice, within the Sudeckiego Foreland, quartzite quarry "Jeglowa" is located. Quartzite slate mining began here...

Stone in Częstocice


Penitential cross near St Barbara's church.

Villa Sobótka

ul.Wrocławska 50, Sobótka
+48 713 071 555

Villa Sobotka Center has been adapted to support the elderly and disabled people who use wheelchairs or are blind / visually impaired. Access communications, escape routes and rooms will be...

Pritwitz' Mauzoleum Sadków


The Baroque chapel was built ca. 1793 for the von Pritwitz family. It is a one-storey building topped with a cupola and a lantern. The mausoleum is situated on a municipal cemetery. Inside, on the...

St. Joseph the Betrothed filial church in Roztocznik


The church was built in the 14th century and thoroughly reconstructed in the 17th century. Further changes in its structure are the result of the reconstruction due to the damages it sustained during...

St. Hedwig's Church in Ostroszowice

ul. Bielawska 64, Ostroszowice

This late-Gothic church was built in the years 1592-1600 and was thoroughly reconstructed in the 19th and 20th century. Inside, you may find a Renaissance baptismal font from the 16th century and two...