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London planetree


Standing in the communal park in Bogunów, the platanus has the imposing trunk circumference of 570 cm, 31 m in height and a crown span of 26 m.

London planetree


The London planetree belongs to a larger group of historic trees that grow in the village park in Konary. Their circumference reaches the astonishing values from 270 to even 530cm.

Horse chestnut

Księginice Wielkie

The tree grows in a group of other historic chestnuts by the buildings of the KHZZ. farm. It measures over 340cm in trunk circumference.

Historical elm

ul. Wrocławska 31, Bielany Wrocławskie

An old elm – a natural monument. The trunk circumference is 585 cm. The tree is 27 m tall and has 20 m in crown span. The age of the tree is estimated at ca. 200-220 years.

Four pedunculate oaks


The oaks are found right next to the palace.

Common beech


The tree has 290 cm in trunk circumference and is over 25m high. It grows by the bridge over the Mała Ślęża river.

Common ash

Księginice Wielkie

The monumental ash grows in a group of other historic trees within the territory of the KHZZ farm.

Common ash


The tree is about 30 m high and its perimeter exceeds 440cm. It grows in the palace park.

Boulder in Sulęcin – monument of nature

ul. Akacjowa , Sulęcin

A boulder protected as a monument of inanimate nature. It was transported here in 1923 form the excavation site of a brick factory located in Wrocław's Tarnogaj. It served as a monument commemorating...

12 historical oaks


A natural monument – 12 historic oaks growing near the road from Krzyżowice to Nowiny in the forest park in Krzyżowice. The age of the oaks is determined at ca. 280-300 years. The widest trunk has...