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„Backpol” bakery Łagiewniki

ul. Półwiejska 7, Łagiewniki

The bakery offers nearly 60 various products, including 30 types of bread, rolls and pastries. The bread is produced here without enhancers and preservatives, from natural sourdough.

Watercolors of Władysław Dzielnicki Sobótka

ul. Chopina 29, Sobótka
+48 71 390 33 28.

Władyslaw Dzielnicki is a local painter using a variety of techniques, but his most prized works are watercolors depicting the landscapes of the Ślęża region. The artist has also provided tuition...

Vegass Wesela

Wrocławska 50A, Jordanów Śląski
888 995 955

Urząd Pocztowy Kąty Wrocławskie Filia Mietków

ul. Kolejowa 27, Mietków
71/364 66 02

Urząd Gminy Mietków

ul. Kolejowa 35, Mietków
71/316 81 13, fax. 71/316 81 84

Tourist Information Center

ul. Kolejowa 4A, Romanów
+48 74 8102052

The Communal Tourist Information Center in Romanów operates as a recreational and informative place. Trekkers, cyclists and drivers can seek information regarding the attractions of Przeworno and...

Tourist Information Center

ul. Rybna 2, Strzelin
+48 71 7936997

The goal of the Communal Tourist Information Center is to inform tourists and all interested people about the events taking place in the town, actions aimed at promoting the cultural heritage of...

The Muszyński bakery

ul. Okulickiego, Strzelin

The Muszyńskis bakery from Szczawin is known for its traditional cakes. Strawberry cake has been certified as a Local Product. It is made of sponge cake, jelly, cheese cake mass, strawberry...