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Bar „Sailor” Borzygniew

ul. Sportowa 4, Borzygniew

The bar is found on the premises of the Water Sports and Recreation Center of the Municipality of Wrocław. It has a unique atmosphere, which makes it a favorite among the lovers of water sports and...

Bar „Myśliwski” Mietków

ul. Kolejowa 27, Mietków
+4871 316 83 68, +48 693 072 483

The bar stills remember the communist Poland when it was a regular meeting place for the residents of Mietków and the surrounding area. Zou can still cdrop in for a lager and tasty hot and cold...

Bar „Karczma u Jany” Łagiewniki

ul. Słowiańska 14, Łagiewniki
+4874 89 39 458

The bar 'Karczma u Jaremy' offers pizza delivery, beer,soft drinks and coffee. A pool table is available.

Bar U MARKA, Baking to order and smokehouse at Brand in Sulistrowice

Chrobrego 16, Sulistrowice
713913315; 663119460

Bakery and pastry shop M.Bąkowski Rogów Sobócki

ul. Wrocławska 55, Rogów Sobócki
+48 71 316 26 38

The bakery and pastry shop "Bąkowski" is a family company with a long tradition and experience. It is located in a building which has been a bakery for more than 130 years. The bread is made from...

Aquapark Granit bar

ul. gen. Leopolda Okulickiego 10, Strzelin
+48 885801901

"Bar H2O", situated within the Aquapark, offers traditional dinners and fast snacks. On the menu, you will also find hot and cold beverages. "Bar H2O" bar also offers special dinner vouchers and...

"Zajazd Wiejski" inn

ul. Zygmunta Krasińskiego 17, Ozorzyce
+48 71 3116113, +48 508254955

The inn "Zajazd Wiejski" is located in the village of Ozorzyce, a short distance off the eastern limits of Wrocław, ca. 3 km from the A4 motorway. The restaurant has a two-tiered hall that can...

"Zajazd pod Dębami"

ul. Wrocławska 33, Radwanice
+48 71 3117006

The inn "Zajazd pod Dębami" is located in a quiet area, 7 km from the center of Wrocław. It offers accommodation in comfortably furnished rooms for 1, 2, 3, or 4 with Wi-Fi access, TV and en suite...

"Zajazd Banderoza – Skałka"

ul. Łąkowa 7, Skałka
+48 71 3168560, +48 697304614

The inn "Banderoza" is beautifully situated within the National Park of the Bystrzyca Valley. It offers organizing family events, team-building events, outdoor parties and corporate conferences. The...

"Zajazd & Grill & Restauracja Azyl"

ul. Popiełuszki 26, Kąty Wrocławskie
+48 713913290

The hotel offers spacious, double and triple rooms with en suite bathrooms and air conditioning. There are 6 rooms in the economic standard. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, newspapers and books in three...