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Pomnik Kresowiaków


The monument is located on the premises of the church of Our Lady of Czestochowa. Pthe granite pedestal with a polished eagle commemorates the murdered inhabitants of Volyn and Lyczakiv. The monument...

Pomnik "Poległym za Ojczyznę"

ul. Kłodzka, Łagiewniki

Pillory and penitential cross

ul.Wrocławska, Rogów Sobócki

Standing on the main road in the center of the village, the pillory comes from 1555 and is one of the largest of its kind in Silesia. It measures 5 m in height and 122 cm in circumference. It is...

Pestilence shrine in Uciechów


Pestilence shrine in Uciechów comes from 1700 and was funded by the then owner of the village of Baron Christopher von Almesloe. It is a white painted brick shrine covered by a rectagonal roof topped...

Penitential crosses Proszkowice

ul. Ślężna, Proszkowice

The crosses, one Maltese and the other Latin, stand at the crossroads to Maniów Wielki and Maniów. It is interesting that even until the 1950s, there were three crosses here (the missing one is today...

Penitential crosses built in the church wall in Rogów Sobócki

Rogów Sobócki

The three stone crosses are embedded in the outer side of the wall at St. John's church. The objects are made of granite, with dimensions of 170x76 cm, 81x59 cm per 150x78 cm. The crosses come...

Penitential crosses

ul. Kościuszki , Węgry

Three granite crosses embedded in the wall of the cemetery at the church of St. Hedwig come from the 14th to 16th century. They are an example of penitential crosses, pointing to a medieval law,...

Penitential crosses

ul. Kopernika, Wilczków

Penitential crosses dating back to the 14th to 16th century. Located near the local church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, both monuments were mentioned before WWII. In a 1931 study, one of the crosses...

Penitential crosses


The granite cross on the left side of the stairs leading to the churchyard dates from the 14th to 16th century. The cross is recognized as a monument of a medieval law requiring a murderer to place a...

Penitential crosses


The three granite crosses standing in front of the gate leading to the churchyard date back to the Middle Ages. The original site of their placement remains unknown, as does their precise age. In all...