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Beach „Zalew” Sieniawka


A popular holiday destination for residents of neighboring towns. In summer, the beach attracts lovers of swimming and sunbathing, and throughout the year, it is visited by anlgers. There is also a...

Beach near artificial lake Sulistrowice

Sulistrowice, Sulistrowice
+48 71 316 26 0

The artificial lake was built on the stream Sulistrowicki below the village Sulistrowice for flood protection and recreation purposes. It is possible to swim and do water sports on the lake...

Basalt working pit


Every year, the mine "Janowiczki" extracts 200,000 tons of basalt aggregate to be used mainly for concrete and bituminous masses production. The basalt rock present in the region of Wzgórza...

Basalt working pit


The working site of the former basalt mine in Dobroszów exposes the unusual geological history of the region. The basalt rock present in the region of Wzgórza Strzelińskie is a result of basaltic...

Abandoned serpentinite quarry in Przemiłów

ul.Sosnowa, Przemiłów

The abandoned serpentinite Quarry revealing this interesting rock can be found in the middle of the village. Serpentinite was the earliest material used by man. Various tools, weapons and...

12 historical oaks


A natural monument – 12 historic oaks growing near the road from Krzyżowice to Nowiny in the forest park in Krzyżowice. The age of the oaks is determined at ca. 280-300 years. The widest trunk has...

'Wzgórza Strzelińskie'


Wzgórza Strzelińskie are included in the Nature 2000 program, due to the presence of rare habitats, such as old growth beech forests, Galio-Carpinetum oak-hornbeam forests, willow, poplar and adler...

"Gnejsy na Włókach" reserve


The long closed quarry is now a protected monument of inanimate nature. In the middle of the pit, next to the pond that dries out in the summer, there is an interesting outcrop of metamorphosed ...