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Granite quarry


The flooded granite and limestone workings in Gębczyce have been visited by countless lovers of extreme sports. The vertical slopes reach over 30m deep underwater. In 2007, the Polish Granite Mining...

Granite quarry

Gościęcice Średnie

The inactivate granite quarry makes a very picturesque scenery. The rocks reflecting in crystal water recalls the views of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Granite quarry


The mine extracts fine-grained granite and gneiss. From the very beginning, the aggregate extracted in Mikoszów mine has been reserved for building the A4 motorway.

Four pedunculate oaks


The oaks are found right next to the palace.

Fishing area "Mała Szwecja"


The fishing area near Siechnice belongs to the Wrocław fishing club "Krokodyl". Fishing is possible only for those with a permit.

Common beech


The tree has 290 cm in trunk circumference and is over 25m high. It grows by the bridge over the Mała Ślęża river.

Common ash

Księginice Wielkie

The monumental ash grows in a group of other historic trees within the territory of the KHZZ farm.

Common ash


The tree is about 30 m high and its perimeter exceeds 440cm. It grows in the palace park.

City park


The oldest part of the park (south) was established in the 1860s. The park was expanded in early 20th century in a rustic style. The Marian Hill towers over it (Hotel Maria now stands on top of it)....

Boulder in Sulęcin – monument of nature

ul. Akacjowa , Sulęcin

A boulder protected as a monument of inanimate nature. It was transported here in 1923 form the excavation site of a brick factory located in Wrocław's Tarnogaj. It served as a monument commemorating...