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Town park

ul. Zwycięstwa, Kąty Wrocławskie

The park covers an area of 250 hectares and contains many ancient trees, some approximately 200 years old. The park was created in a forest on the property of the castle farm in Kąty, which was...

The Bear of Ślęża – a sacred stone sculpture on the top of Ślęża


The Bear of Ślęża is a sacred stone sculpture found in 1854 at the Road of the Wild Pig, above the village of Strzegomia. In 1906 it was move to the summit of Mt. Ślęża and is now exhibited next to...

Sycamore maple

Księginice Wielkie

The tree grows in a group of other historic trees by the buildings of the KHZZ. farm. It has over 250 cm in trunk circumference.

Strzelin's Granite Quarry


The granite mine in Strzelin is the biggest quarry in Europe. The working is 650m long and up to 120m deep. It is continuously extracted, therefore entering is not only utterly dangerous, but also...

Small leaved lindens – a group of 6 trees


The group of historic lime trees grows by the road to the Gościęcice Forester's lodge. The trunk circumferences are: 440, 360, 235, and 400 cm. In summer, access is limited owing to the road being...

Rocks and Minerals of Strzelin and Lipowa hills

ul. Kamienna 10, Strzelin

The exhibition of rocks and minerals is displayed on the first floor of Strzelin starostwo (seat of the local administrative territory). The exposition presents geological treasures of Strzelin and...

Quartzite quarry

Góra Kryształowa

Krysztalowa Mountain is one of the most popular places of mineral exploration in the region. At least since XIXth century people have been mining quartzites and rock crystals here. Today the...

Pedunculate oak


The oak is found in the park in Smolec.

Pedunculate oak


Entered in the register of monuments of animated nature, the oak "Wilczek" overlooks the street Mikołaja Kopernika in Wilczków. It has 355 cm in circumference. Next to the oak, there is a stone with...