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Palace park


The palace park in Galowice belongs to the 18th-19th century grange. It covers the area of 3.7 hectares and was established in the early 18th c.

Palace park


The 18th century Komorowice palace park belongs to the country palace dating from 1529. After World War II, the palace was renovated for a sheep breeders training center, but the renovation was never...

Palace park


The manor park in Pasterzyce, where you can see ruins of the palace, was founded in the 18th century. The country palace, unfortunately, has been demolished. The park, once the pride of the palace...

Palace park

Al. Niepodległości, Żórawina

The manor park in Żórawina belongs to a palace complex. It was established in the 18th century. Currently, it is quite run down. In the park, you will find ruins of a 19th c. pavilion and a communal...

Manor house park

ul. Parkowa działka 157 , Bogunów

The park was founded around the now defunct neo-Gothic palace built in the 1840s. It covers an area of 16 ha and boasts two ponds and many species of trees, including some of monumental size: e.g....

Historic park


The former grange park was laid out in the 19th century and enclosed a palace from the beginning of the 17th century. At present it is a ruin.

City park


The oldest part of the park (south) was established in the 1860s. The park was expanded in early 20th century in a rustic style. The Marian Hill towers over it (Hotel Maria now stands on top of it)....