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Lake in Łagiewniki


The artificial lake was built between 1947-1948 in the valley of the brook Krzywula. It has an area of 12 hectares and the deepest point reaches more than 7 m. The idea behind the creation of the...

Lake in Jordanów Śląski

Jordanów Śląski

The lake is a large reservoir (its size is approx. 12 ha), adjacent to the riverbed of Ślęża. It is valued by anglers and subject to the Polish Anglers Association in Wrocław. There is a possibility...

Artificial lake "Zalew Mietkowski" with a dam Mietków


The lake 'Zalew Mietkowski ' is the largest water body in Lower Silesia. It was created by building a dam on the river Bystrzyca in Mietków. The dam is 3.2 km long and 17 m high. The lake has the...

Jegłowa quarry


In the eastern part of the Strzelinski Hills, between the places of Strzelin and Ziebice, within the Sudeckiego Foreland, quartzite quarry "Jeglowa" is located. Quartzite slate mining began here...

Fishing area "Mała Szwecja"


The fishing area near Siechnice belongs to the Wrocław fishing club "Krokodyl". Fishing is possible only for those with a permit.

Beach „Zalew” Sieniawka


A popular holiday destination for residents of neighboring towns. In summer, the beach attracts lovers of swimming and sunbathing, and throughout the year, it is visited by anlgers. There is also a...

Beach near artificial lake Sulistrowice

Sulistrowice, Sulistrowice
+48 71 316 26 0

The artificial lake was built on the stream Sulistrowicki below the village Sulistrowice for flood protection and recreation purposes. It is possible to swim and do water sports on the lake...