Overlooking the Sowie Mountains

Category: Bike trip Distance: 24.2 km Duration: 2:00 h Difficulty: średni
This short route which leads through and across the vast and almost flat Kotlina Dzierżoniowska is a proposal for the bikers of all ages. To overcome it there is no need to have the excellent condition and skills but you should get prepared for two steep climbs in the final part. The attractiveness of trips is ascended by the vast views that extend from many places on the tight wooded embankment of the Sowie Mountains, standing high with the steep edge over the Kotlina Dzierżoniowska. There are also such monuments as: churches, rural residences of courtyards and palaces as well as farm buildings. The route can be taken as an individual trip but it also can be a link between surroundings of Niemcza and Dzierżoniow. The section from Dobrocin to Ostroszowice in combination with "Around Dzierżoniow" route is a slightly longer trip which allows to get around the main center of the region overcoming more than 50 km in a few hours