To meet the nature (and not only)

Category: Propozycje zwiedzania

The variety and beauty of the landscapes presented in the areas is a perfect motivation to better get acquainted with them. The selected objects are primarily intended to attract those tourists who spend their holidays or weekends on the water and want to find out more about the natural wealth of the area. The beautiful panoramas of the Sowie Mountains, the Odra oxbow and the Bystrzyca Valley Landscape Park represent only some of the values of the region. While in the area we can also enjoy the vast views of Mietkowski Lake, climb the Wieżyca, stop for a while on Tąpadło mountain pass, visit the sanctuary in Kiełczyn, see the ruins of the rotunda in Ostroszowice and the castle in Owiesno. Thus the areas are not the nature only but also the outstanding monuments. The subject of the sightseeing depends primarily on the tourist preferences still nothing prevents us from gathering up all the landscape elements into one integral whole.