Castle ruins in Owieśno

The Baroque residence was established in the 17th century. as a result of a thorough reconstruction of a medieval castle. The knight's castle had been built here in the 13th century by the Pogorzel family at the site of an abandoned fortified burgh. The burgh was an oval structure with a diameter of 30 m, with a circular courtyard and a square tower. The buildings were surrounded by a stone wall and a moat. In 1797, the castle passed into the hands of the family von Seidlitz, who rebuilt it as a Baroque residence. The walls were raised and the tower was given an octagonal superstructure. Another expansion took place in the 19th century. However, neither this nor the previous reconstruction changed the defensive nature of the object. After World War II it passed into the hands of the new Polish government. Left unattended, it began to deteriorate. To this day, the remaining portions of the walls of the baroque portal can be seen. The residence also includes an outbuilding, a decorative gate of 1740, the Gardener's house, a 19th century gate, a park gazebo, and a farmhouse.

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