Renaissance manor house

The first Gothic castle was built here in ca. 1445. In 1609, a renaissance manor house was built on its site. The estate, which belonged to the von Czirn family, has a rectangular plan. From the front, it is embellished with a rectangular turret with a two-spanned portal, which is richly decorated in the Renaissance style and dates from the period the estate was built. The portal is topped with reliefs presenting the coat of arms of the von Czirns and von Zedlitzes, and is ornamented with laurel wreaths and supported by lions. Two storeys above the portal one may notice the remains of a sundial dating from the beginning of the 20th century. The palace is surrounded by farm buildings. The building adjoining the palace is definitely worth seeing. Deliberately set deep in the ground, it could have served as an ice house or a granary for food storage.

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